Open Game Phase 1 Most Kills: Sapnix from Signature Gaming Got 30 Kills in Just 4 Matches

Sapnix from Signature Gaming received 30 kills in phase 1, followed by Switzy- from Ghost Family which received 20 kills.

Sapnix shows his skill after just transferring from Xavier Esports. He is currently playing as an attacker alongside his new buddy Bosser. The duo seems to pose a great threat to other teams as Bosser also got 12 kills in Phase 1 and Signature Gaming came in first in their group stage.

Switzy- is a Valorant player from Excelsior who just came back to PUBG. He is a stand-in for Ghost Family in this tournament. During Phase 1 he showed a great aggressive played alongside his team members.

Who Do You Think Will Get More Kills in The Next Phase ?

Unfortunately in Phase 2 these two are not in the same group stage, so we will now see a head to head rivalry.

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